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What started as the fuel in my margaritas, has developed into a passion in recent years. I love the juice of the Agave, its history, and the purity of the spirit it gives birth to. My migration from margarita drinker, to premium margarita drinker, to tequila drinker, to tequila enthusiastic has taken about ten years. A couple of years ago I crossed the chasm to enthusiast, when a work colleague (thanks Mike!), took me to Tommy's Mexican Restaurant when on a visit to San Francisco, which claims to be the world's best tequila bar, and he opened my eyes to the wonderful variety and flavors in quality tequila. Since that time I've been on a quest to develop my knowledge and appreciation for Tequila.

Living in San Diego gives me the opportunity to truly develop this passion. If you aren't aware, San Diego is a stones throw from the Mexican border and the influence of the Mexican culture is evident everywhere. We have some of the best Mexican restaurants in the world, along with some of the best tequila bars, and liquor stores with a large variety of tequilas - San Diego is the place to be a tequila lover!

Along my walk-a-bout to becoming a Tequila enthusiast, I made some general observations about Tequila which effects peoples evaluation of what they like and don't like. Judging a Tequila, can be based on what food you drink it with, whether you drink it on the rocks or neat, what time of day you are drinking, how receptive your taste buds are to different flavor notes, etc. Suffice to say, everyone's Tequila experiences are different and my experiences are going to be different to many others.

Initially, I threw myself into tasting Extra/Anejos, but recently have come to appreciate the purer agave flavors that blanco and reposado varieties express. So my first piece of advice to those starting their journey is to not overlook the less-aged tequila varieties, they are cheaper, and in my opinion a better expression of the flavor of the agave plant. If you like heavy oak and vanilla, then you may prefer the extra/anejos.

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