Tequila Hardcover – October 17, 2004

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

by Alberto Ruy Sanchez (Author),‎ Margarita de Orellana (Author)

Written in 2004, so a little out-dated and not current with recent developments in the industry but informative none-the-less. The authors are the editors of a Mexican art magazine, so it’s not surprising that the prose is overly descriptive, flowery and romantic – it’s a book about tequila, not French culture! Part II is a little more pragmatic.

The books opening “20 Questions about Tequila” posses some great questions such as:

  • How is tequila manufactured?

  • Which is the best tequila?

  • How are agava grown?

  • What is tequila’s denomination os origin?

But the answers are cursory, and left me wanting more. The reviews of commercial tequilas are also cursory, with what sounds like distillers’ description and no insight from the authors – they are now completely outdated anyway.

On the positive side, the book has wonderful graphics and photographs that capture the evolution of the modern tequila industry. If you are passionate about tequila and its origin, not just consuming, then the romance may resonate and this is a must-read.

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Tequila Hardcover - October 17, 2004

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