Tequila: A Global History (Edible) Hardcover – May 15, 2015

By Ian Williams (Author)

This book promises so little but delivers so much! Who would have thought that a book in “The Edible Series” would be so informative? Well researched with relevant and informative pictures, it covers all the essential information that any aspiring tequila aficionado will want to absorb.

It is particularly descriptive about how tequila and mescals are made. Although the production process had been described to me in previous books, A Global History was much better illustrated and relatable. It doesn’t over romanticize the drinks and gives good account of the history of the development of the commercial versions of both tequila and mescal. There’s a very useful glossary in the back along with a few good drink and food recipes.

My only criticism, is that the book was only published in 2015, but it already seems out-of-date with respect to tequila brands. A good addition would be to include a recap of brands and the manufacturing processes they employ.

This is the third book I’ve read on the subject of tequila, and if you can only read one, this should be it. I’m going to keep this book with me when I make my pilgrimage to Tequila so I review all the terms and do a knowledge refresh. Recommend the book highly!

Tequila: A Global History (Edible) Hardcover - May 15, 2015 By Ian Williams

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