Tequila Additives Exposed!

In the last few years, there's been a lot of talk about additives in tequila production. That talk has crystallized in July, 2020 with the Grover

and Scarlet, from Taste Tequila, publishing their Tequila Verification Program. The good folks at Taste Tequila are now conducting a thorough audit on tequila brands to see if they hold up to the additive-free claim. For those who are not aware, the Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT), the Mexican body that governs all tequila production, allows up to 1% of the liquid volume to be additives - excluding yeast, water, and the juice from the agave. This may have been a minor detail in days past, but now additive technology has advanced to the point where 1% can significantly impact the nose, flavor, and mouth-feel of tequila.

Taste Tequila is quick to point out that there's not necessarily anything wrong with additives. In Grover's words "For us, this is simply a matter of transparency. As tequila lovers, we believe that additives should be disclosed because they are creating confusion in the marketplace as to how a natural tequila really tastes". For some, additives can create consistency of color and flavor, from lot to lot, and mask the taste created by many of the short cuts that can be taken in tequila production.

For those who have not visited a distillery, or the town of Tequila and smelt the aroma of freshly baking agave, then the "smoothness" created by an additive may be appealing. Many popular premium brands use additives. I think I'm at the point now where my tequila palate is somewhat educated and I'm very pleased to see my go-to brands have received the Taste Tequila No Additives verification, including Fortaleza (Los Abuelos), Don Fulano, G4, and Cascahuin. There's a list of tequilas that have been verified here. Patron made the list which was surprising to me. I'll have to give some of their expressions a try.

For those interested in learning more, Forbes interviewed Grover and Scarlet about the additives program - "How Do You Tell If Your Tequila Has Additives?".

Thanks to Grover and Scarlet for this initiative. If you struggle with your tequila selection, I can highly recommend the TequilaMatch app. It's the Rotten Tomatoes of the tequila advice, giving ratings from consumers and an expert panel, plus you'll be able to determine if that tequila your thinking of purchasing had additives or it doesn't.

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