G'Day Mate!

Oi! Thanks for following me on my journey as I discover the joys of the juice of the blue agave plant - Tequila. Starting as a casual lover of margaritas, over the past decade, my taste has become somewhat more refined.  I now have a tremendous respect for the history of Tequila, the region it comes from, and the people who craft this unique beverage. 


I chose to become a student of Tequila because:

  • Of the purity of the beverage - commonly just agave and yeast

  • I live in San Diego and really enjoy visiting my Mexican neighbors

  • There's a defined area where tequila is made and varieties are limited, therefore developing a degree of expertise is achievable, and

  • I enjoy the taste!


I have resided in San Diego for the past 25 years, where limes are abundant, but I'm originally from Australia - thus the Aussie terms on this site. Tequila just seems to fit with the beach culture that has always surrounded me.


The content on this site isn't intended for tequila connoisseurs. My intent is to share my experiences discovering tequila. I don't intend to pander to advertisers or attract complimentary tastings and I will publish with full disclosure. My views will be my own and genuine. 


I hope you find this site a useful resource for learning more about tequila. I would love to dig into mezcals as well, but I'd prefer to develop expertise in the tequila vertical first. I still enjoy the occasional margarita! 


The site is a work-in-progress, but I welcome your feedback. Thanks for visiting!


Stephen Condon

Publisher and Editor